Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re lucky enough to be selected as my new slave, rest assured you will earn merit with me provided you follow the rules and abide by the boundaries.  If you violate any of the rules or boundaries, I will be sorely displeased.

I DO NOT engage in:

scat/piss/blood play

exchange of any bodily fluids

advanced bondage play, such as suspension

breath play/asphyxiation


electrical play

anything non-consentual- that includes anything involving animals or children


I am not a sexual servant.  I don’t play well with slaves who merely want to provide me with instructions on how to ‘get them off’.  That being said, as aforementioned, I do take RESPECTFUL requests.  If there is a particular outfit, implement, or other piece that you think I would enjoy wearing/using on you or trading for, you can ask me nicely in your email.  I might be willing to consider these types of requests.

Everything I engage in is SAFE, SANE, and CONSENTUAL.  I always play with safewords.  If you are not interested in playing with a safeword, you can play here instead.  If I can tell you are intoxicated, I will not play with you.

DO be punctual to all sessions.

I currently charge $125.00 per hour and $175.00 per 90 minutes for in-person sessions.  I do not accept checks.  I accept CASH ONLY. 

I would be very pleased to accept your tip in any amount.  Or, if you would like to give something a little more specific to my desires, see my wishlist under the section ‘spoil me’.

I am CPR/First Aid Certified.

I do not tolerate disrespect. 

No call no shows will be blacklisted.

If I don’t like you, I will not play with you.